The Neptune Oil Group distributes refined oil products through an established network of fishing stations located on the coast and rivers, through a rapidly-growing number of roadside filling stations and through a network of local distributors and end users. Neptune Oil offers a variety of lubricants, marine lubricants and greases to distributors and customers, ensuring a ready supply of high-quality specialist products.

Our outlets provide valuable services to their customers and also create a focal point for local communities.

  • Roadside Filling Stations

    With its first five roadside filling stations completed in 2011, the Neptune Oil Group is well on the way to achieving its target of 30 stations by 2015. The filling station network already provides a service to many thousands of customers, as well as a focus for their communities.

    The opening of Neptune Oil’s first filling stations in Cameroun, in the Ngoa Ekellé and Nsam Efoulan districts of capital city Yaoundé, attracted government representatives for the support of small businesses. Their presence underlines the importance of these developments to the local and national economy.

    Each of the filling stations has six pumps, a car wash and a shop, which sells a full range of lubricants as well as other products. The sites can be as large as 2000 square metres and are located on key traffic routes. Delivering international levels of facilities and service to customers across the region, each operates to the highest safety and operating standards. To find out more about the products and services available at our roadside filling stations, please contact info@neptune-oil.com

  • Fishing Stations

    The fishing sector in Senegal provides a link to a traditional way of life which has played a key role in the local culture for centuries. Above all, it remains Senegal's main economic resource and largest foreign exchange earner. As a result it is actively supported by the government. With a value of over $350 million, it makes up over 13% of Senegal’s exports and employs more than 200,000 people, who catch more than 400,000 tonnes of fish each year.

    Neptune Oil runs a network of fishing stations along the coast and rivers of Senegal. These stations supply gasoline to the traditional fishing fleets of over 15,000 pirogues, providing an essential service to this vital industry.

    Ensuring that the country’s fishing fleets have ready access to high-quality fuel at convenient location is a significant contribution to assisting the Senegalese economy. Neptune Oil is committed to supporting this sector.

    To find out more about the products and services available at our fishing stations, please contact info@neptune-oil.com

  • Local distributors and end users

    We supply local distributors in West Africa with a range of refined petroleum products, including a selection of high-quality lubricants. This ensures that they can deliver the right products at competitive prices to customers throughout the region. We also supply direct to a number of large end users, such as power plants and industrial customers.

    If you are looking for a distributor to meet your need for high-quality products, please contact info@neptune-oil.com