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Alert on fictitious job offers

Fraudulent messages can sometimes be sent by individuals claiming they are under contract with Neptune Oil or other oil companies. They claim to be seeking to locate prospective employees for work on projects. They then ask for payment in order for candidates to be considered for recruitment within the Neptune Oil Group. These offers, usually sent by e-mail, typically advise the targets that they have already been hired by the company, or that they will obtain employment with the company. For a fee, the individuals will ensure the processing of the victim's employment papers, tender offers, job applications and work permits.

Targets are requested to send fees, by personal cheque or money order, to a Post Office box number. In some instances, targets are promised or actually receive cheques to cover relocation expenses. Such promises and/or cheques are not issued by the Neptune Oil Group and are not in any way associated with the Group. These are not legitimate Neptune Oil job offers. Neptune Oil never requires any candidate to pay any expenses or fees towards employment with the company.

Fraudulent e-mail messages can also be sent by individuals purporting to be the CEO or CFO of Neptune Oil. They offer employment as a “representative in the United States” to process payments. The target is asked to deposit funds in their account, deduct a percentage as a fee and then forward the balance via wire transfer. This is not a legitimate Neptune Oil job offer and is in fact an advance fee fraud.

The Neptune Oil Group, as well as its partner companies and affiliates, disclaims all responsibility with respect to any expense, loss or damage of any kind that occur in connection with any e-mail job application or recruitment procedure.

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