As part of the Optima Energy Group, Neptune Oil reflects the values of expertise, innovation and responsibility which underpin all Optima Energy's activities.

At the Neptune Oil Group all employees are committed to these values and take pride in the Group’s performance and its ability to offer outstanding service in a highly-competitive market. The Group’s responsibilities are addressed through a range of activities under two main headings:

  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment

    Everyone who works for the Neptune Oil Group is responsible for ensuring good health, safety and security for themselves, their colleagues and their customers, in addition to protecting the environment. Our employees and partners are trained in safely handling hydrocarbons, in identifying and managing the associated risks and in implementing the control measures required. The health, safety and security of everyone who works with us are vital to the success of our business.

    Neptune Oil is part of the Optima Energy Group, which is already active in the renewable energy sector through its Envestment initiative. Committed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and working to strict ecological criteria, Envestment provides a platform for ethical and responsible investment. Work in this area to date includes the Eco Afrique biofuels programme, with its innovative use of jatropha plants, as well as the renewable energy projects overseen by Apure Environmental Solutions.

    All the operations of the Neptune Oil Group conform to the requirements of the relevant Environmental Health & Safety charters for petroleum sector operators.

  • Corporate Social Responsabilities

    The Neptune Oil Group encourages a positive impact on the environment, customers, employees and communities through its activities. Neptune Oil is keenly aware of the important social and economic role it plays in the region.

    Businesses with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development and by voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere.

    The Neptune Oil Group aims to be in the forefront of companies operating in the public interest in Africa: it actively works to improve the services available to the communities and businesses in the areas where it provides services, including the following.

    • In Cameroun Neptune Oil provides a thorough training programme for employees which equips them for a career in the oil industry. As a result, there is strong competition for jobs with the company and a high calibre of candidates.
    • In Senegal, Neptune Oil is committed to supporting the traditional fishing community which relies on its network of fishing stations and makes up 9% of the country’s population.